After-School Care and Extended Support Programme 2014 Summer Camp

The After-school Care and Extended Support Programme (A.C.E.S.) hosted a summer camp from Wednesday 23rd July – Friday 15th August 2014. This summer camp was a two fold programme which included two themes. Week one and Two of the programme focused on Water. During these two weeks children of the summer camp learnt about the intrinsic value of water, how to conserve water and the water crisis in St. Lucia and the rest of the world. Students visited various water catchment and treatment plants through out St. Lucia so as to get a better understanding more about water.

The final two weeks of the summer camp focused on France and it’s culture. With us were three volunteers form France Chloe, Charlotte and Louise who led out in the programming for the french week. During these weeks students learned about the French Alps and the sports which are done in the Alps, the Olympics as it relates to France, important persons in Frances’ history as well as historical buildings and monuments in France. Students also learned about various French foods and had the opportunity to sample some of these foods and some French cheeses.

Take a look at what our students experienced during their summer Camp! Afterschool_summercamp


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