Press Release January 2014

The St. Lucia Crisis Centre is currently engaged in a project aimed at empowering forty five women over a two year period.  The project is funded by the U.S. State Department under the S/GWI PEPFAR GBV Small Grants awards, and is specifically designed for single mothers between the ages of eighteen and thirty five years of age.

In keeping with SLCC’s mandate to work towards the reduction and elimination of all forms of violence, including ‘Gender Based Violence’, the objectives of the programme are to provide these women with skills that will enable them to provide the nurturing environment that will ensure successful parenting, and be able to provide for the economic and social needs of the family, and eliminate the need to avoid or remain in abusive situations because of an inability to meet their own economic needs or the needs of the families.

The women are expected to do a three month in-house training experience, followed by placement in the workplace to acquire job experience, and involvement in a community project. The Community Project will provide the avenue for participants to help in training their peers (in their respective communities) in some of the skills they have acquired.  The programme includes training in Literacy, HIV /AIDS Prevention; Parenting and life skills, and income generating activities, including culinary and housekeeping courses.

PRO, St.Lucia Crisis Centre Corporation

Andrew Sealy